Saturday, July 3, 2010

Muddy Buddy 2010

Race season has been a little slow for Scott this summer because of the impending baby and my unwillingness to travel far or sit out in the heat. Fortunately he was able to find this race which wasn't too far from the house and was definitely a new experience for him.

It's call the Muddy Buddy and it's a race where you and you buddy alternate between running and riding a mountain bike. Overall I think the course is about 7 miles and then you crawl through a huge mud pit and run through the finish line. Scott and his brother Alex were buddies and our friend Derek buddied up with Scott's brother Bo.

I didn't get pics of all the assorted costumes, but this race is known for the people who dress up as various things and compete. We saw everything from Chip and Dale (not the Disney ones) to Adam and Eve to huge green lizards (how they made it through the mud I have no idea).

Harbin also competed in the MiniBuddy (for kids ages 4-11). He had to go with a parent (we elected Scott for obvious reasons) and he ran through tires, walked a blance beam, climbed a wall (he was proud that he needed no help) and then went through the mud. I don't know that he was super enthused about crawling through the mud, but he came out excited that he had completed the race and has done nothing except talk about how much fun it is. Catherine was funny because she said she didn't want to do the race next year, until she saw the award "necklace" Harbin got- now she's in for next year!

Overall Scott and Alex came in 8th in their age division (which is their ages added up), but I think this race was definitely more about the experience than coming in first!

The mom.

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