Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Reunion

After the beach, we traveled across Norh Carolina and into the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee- it ended up taking us about 11 hours!!! We stayed in Townsend, TN for an Annual Amerine Family reunion (Scott's dad's mom's side of the family).

The reunion was wonderful and getting to see family was fun, but overall, the trip had it's kinks. We arrived and Harbin (who had ridden with Lolli and Pop) had a low grade fever and was throwing up with car sickness. Saturday after our reunion lunch and afternoon naps, we took the girls to the playground. Lydia (aka Miss Independent) decided she would do the monkey bars all by herself. Needless to say, she's not quite big enough and she fell straight to the ground. I ran over to her and she had busted a lip or tongue and was bleeding everywhere. When we got her back to the hotel room, the bleeding slowed, but she had obviously (ok maybe not so obviously since I wasn't really sure what was wrong with her) knocked the wind out of herself. We spent a few hours monitoring her and by evening she seemed much better, although she's mighty cute recollecting the story "I fell off monkey bars and hurt my tummy."

Sunday we traveled back through Chattanooga for a pool party with some of Scott's siblings who couldn't make it up for the reunion. We finished our couple week long journey home that evening and began the "Wait for Ella".

Unfortunatey I took no pics this weekend, so you'll just have to visualize my recap!

The mom.

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