Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saddle Ridge Ranch

Harbin and Catherine got to participate in VBS this year at a church 3 doors down from our house. We missed the one at our actual church since we were on vacation and this was a good substitute since we were so close by.

The theme this year was Saddle Ridge Ranch and the kids had a blast. Each morning they were greeted by great volunteers, loud music, and even an announcer who announced them by name! A few of the mornings, Lydia and I walked the kids to VBS and Lydia was always good about pouting the whole way home- she was not excited that she didn't get to go to VBS, although she always enjoyed the undivided mommy attention when she got home.

Friday night, the kids did their VBS performance where they showed us the songs they had learned as well as walked us around to see the exciting stations they visited each day.

Harbin was a little intimidated while on stage and kind of fell to the back behind the bigger kids, so I was unable to get many pics of him. Catherine, on the other hand, felt right at home and sang and did hand motions perfectly. Both really loved the music and we are excited to get our CD tomorrow so we can listen to it non-stop (ok, I am less enthused about the potential of relentlessly listening to the same 5 songs over and over for an entire YEAR).

In other news, a quick update on Ella- we're still waiting. She is due tomorrow, July 18th, so we will see what happens. At my appointment on Thursday, I wasn't really progressing towards labor, but I know from experience that a day can make all the difference. We will just keep waiting and be sure to keep everyone posted when she does decide to make her debut!


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