Saturday, December 18, 2010

Grandma Got Runover by a Reindeer (or a bad teenage driver going to Young Life)

The kids and I decked out in homemade Elf costumes this year for Young Life's annual Christmas Club with the high schoolers. Each year we decorate the Young Life "Farm" with loads of Christmas lights and tacky decorations and the kids come dressed in their Christmas attire which can range from old Christmas sweaters to pajamas to all out costumes!

Two of the other leaders and I decided to dress as elves and while making our costumes, I thought "why not just make 3 more for the kids? (ummm....maybe because you are a super busy mom of 4). Well, I did it anyhow (in fact I made their costumes first and then scurried to get ours done the day of Christmas Club!!!!). I think they came out great and the kids loved being elves. They also loved getting decorated like a Christmas tree!

Enjoy the silly pics (the group pic is all of the North Gwinnett YL Leaders).

The mom.

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