Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scott turned 30!

So I must apologize to those of you anxiously awaiting a new blog post. I have been frantically finishing 30 angel costumes that I was sewing for the children's choir and have had less time for the computer (or anything for that matter).
Anyways, to catch you up...
Back near the beginning of November, we went to Chattanooga to celebrate Scott's 30th birthday (and Skylar's 20th birthday). Scott had drill that weekend, so we had a small party for him on Friday and then Saturday, the kids and I celebrated without him by going to a Fall Festival held by Lolli and Pop's church. There were canoe rides, trails around the lake, and the night ended with a big square dance. This was one of the first really cold days in Chattanooga, but it didn't slow the kids down at all. Even Ella enjoyed wearing her hat and staying outside. Square dancing was a lot of fun for the kids. Some of their "Chattanooga friends" were there and they had a great time participating with all the teenagers (as you can see, being little was an advantage for Lydia in the Limbo)!
Well that's all for now- short and sweet, but I promise more blog posts to come this week!

The mom.

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