Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (I'm for real, our town, next door at the barn)

We kind of lucked out this year and Santa came to visit next door to our house. The church a few doors down hosted an Evening with Santa in their barn located on the property next to ours. The barn used to be a kind of Horsey Hilton and has huge stalls and tons of space and the church turned each area into a different event- movie, visit with Santa, snacks, and stories.

It was a super cold night, in fact, it snowed, but regardless of the weather we walked our way down the driveway next door to let Santa's Little Helpers visit with him. I dressed the kids in their Elf costumes and they were too cute talking to Santa. No one cried this year, which I must say is quite an accomplishment, although Lydia and Ella just kind of stared. Catherine and Harbin got to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas and then we headed out on a hayride (the coldest hayride of my life)!! We finished up and took our marshmallows to go, roasting them over the fire Daddy started in the fireplace.

Our backyard has been home to many animals including turtles, bunnies, geese and now deer... Santa's reindeer the kids have decided. When we saw Santa next door I asked the kids if they thought the 3 deer we've been seeing in the yard might be Santa's reindeer. They weren't too sure, but a few days after visiting Santa, Catherine was convinced. We were looking at the deer in the yard and Catherine said, "Mommy, I think those are Santa's reindeer." I asked her why she thought that and she replied, "I think they are eating a snack and then they will go back to the barn to put their antlers on." I laughed so hard and told her I thought she was probably right!!!

Anyways, on that note please continue to pray that our old house sells. We love living next door to Santa's reindeer and need our old house to sell so we can stop paying a mortgage and a rent each month!!

I hope everyone else has the same believing heart as Catherine this Christmas!!

The mom.

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