Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Kickin' off Christmas

This year we are all really excited about Christmas. I guess last year we were so focused on moving and getting the house ready for our tenants, we didn't really decorate or do much before Christmas.
We started the Christmas season this year by taking advantage of a free coupon to the light show at the Fairgrounds. We drove around and watched the dancing lights that were synchronized to the music on the radio. After driving around, we got out and roaster HUGE marshmallows by the fire, took a quick peek at Santa and then jumped back in the warm car.
The Sunday after Thanksgiving we got out all the Christmas decorations and trimmed the tree. Ella enjoyed looking at the ornaments and the lights and posed so nicely for her pictures. Ok, so funny story... that morning at church I was discussing with some ladies that I didn't think we could put real candy canes on the tree this year because of Lydia's "candy addiction" (she LOVES candy). When we got home, the first ornaments I got out to put on the tree were these orange and white striped Tennessee candy canes. I handed Lydia one to put on the tree and instantly I heard "crack"- she bit right into it-----problem is, they're plastic!!!! We all laughed hysterically and Lydia looked confused. I took the plastic out of her mouth and handed her another plastic candy cane. She quickly said, "I won't eat this one...I'll put it on the tree." She is sometimes TOO CUTE!
All the kids did an excellent job decorating the tree. It seems like the more kids we have the better the tree looks because even though they only put them in one spot, they each have their own one spot and it is starting to cover the bottom of the tree. Then I follow up by putting the breakable ornaments on the top half and it looks complete!

Well off to bed. More posts and pics soon!
The mom.

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