Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland (and also through Suwanee Town Center)

The week following the Choir Concert our church put on Christmas in the Park. This is the second year the church has done this and it's so amazing to see how everyone comes together to make it happen. Monday morning, Scott and many other men from church went and set up Dicken's Village style building facades in Suwanee's Town Center. Throughout the week, people continued setting up tents and booths, activities and crafts and by Friday night the event was ready. It was scheduled to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, but Sunday ended up getting cancelled due to the snow (yes, you heard me right, GA... before Christmas).

Scott and I were supposed to work a booth Sunday night, so we all decided to go Saturday night and enjoy the event as a family. The kids started out with the Winter Race which is an obstacle course where they had to throw a hula hoop over a yard decoration, put together a snowman, decorate a Christmas tree and a few other tasks. Harbin and Catherine raced Daddy and Lydia who ended up winning. Ella and I was can see in the pic, Ella didn't want to put anything but her eyes out in this cold weather!

The kids also enjoyed getting to walk through a tent full of Santa stuff. A lady from our church displays everything "Santa" that she has collected for many years now and the kids enjoyed seeing how many different Santa things there are out there from Santa ornaments to clocks to calendars and anything else you can imagine.

We finished off the evening with some hot chocolate, cookies, and a visit to the Candy Shop where we picked up a craft-to-go (aka: a-craft-to-do-somewhere-much-warmer-than-out-here). Scott and the kids had their pic taken with some of the "chimney sweeps" who were many of the costumed characters walking around. Finally we headed to Five Guys for some burgers and fries and to warm up before heading home.

The mom.

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