Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus (right to Discover Mills)

This year we missed Santa's visit to the barn next door. I knew Daddy was coming home and that he, too, would want to make the annual trip to visit Santa Claus, so we waited. We actually went on our anniversary to Discover Mills and met my mom so the kids could visit with Santa and she could take them home so we could eat lunch together and do some much needed Christmas shopping.

The kids forgot their letters to Santa which I intentionally had them write weeks ago before Daddy came home. Mostly because Catherine had already mentioned putting him on her Christmas list. Eventually all the kids decided they'd add Daddy to their list and I felt awful trying to tell them each night before bed that just because he's on the list doesn't mean Santa will bring him home and that only God can know where Daddy needs to be most. It's kind of hard to tell whose list is whose because the girls gave up midway through and Harbin wrote for them. I think they all wrote Daddy on their own, but my girls handwriting has progressed so well (even Lydia) that it's hard to tell whose writing is whose.

Our Santa pic wasn't the best this year. I hadn't yet made their Christmas dresses to they wore little shirts I'd made them along with matching skirts I'd picked up at the store. I knew the pink and green wouldn't quite mesh with Santa's red, but it was the best I had knowing I couldn't get 3 dresses made as quickly as I needed them. The weather was unseasonably warm so I didn't make the girls wear tights and for whatever reason no one seemed happy. They were happy, but when the pic went to be taken they all just looked grumpy. Santa wasn't super cooperative either. He was very kind and friendly with the children, but unfortunately that resulted in me getting a lot of pics of him talking or looking down.

Scott and I enjoyed our anniversary lunch and when we returned from shopping the kids were enjoying a craft my mom had brought over for them to do. Hopefully next year the pic will be of them smiling, but I guess this tells a good story.

The mom.

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