Monday, December 26, 2011

Silent Night, Holy Night (well, Holy anyhow)....

The Thomas family celebration at mom's house on Christmas Eve is always a great mix of fun and chaos. With over 20 of us there including 8 small kids, Harbin as the oldest, it always proves to be quite an adventure.

This year, we were all able to eat in the dining room/formal room with all the little kids at little tables. It was pretty cute to see them all together until they decided to start playing in their ketchup.

Catherine and William (Jonathan's nephew) are hilarious together. They love each other- like really love each other. They stick together anytime we do something with the Thomas family and this year had to have been the funniest. Catherine was getting a little wild, so I kind of pulled her aside to tell her to calm down. William put his hand on my arm and in all seriousness said, "but she's my boyfriend." I quickly corrected him and said, "your girlfriend," but probably should have curbed the talk altogther. Either way, they are cute and wanted their pic taken which made for cute photos too!

Ella was hilarious when we were opening presents. She was less concerned with her presents and really intent on wearing Grandma's. She even put on my mom's new sweater and wore it proudly.

After mom's house we headed home so the kids could open their Christmas Eve gift (aka, pajamas-that-mom-wants-them-to-wear-for-cute-pics-in-the-morning). Ella was once again hilarious. We let her open her PJ's first. She tore one small piece of paper off and then said, "trash" as she began to take it to the kitchen trash can. After two times of that we got a trash bag and convinced her to put the pieces in that instead of making the trek to the kitchen each time. Finally, we juts gave up and tore the box open a bit for her so she'd be a bit more messy and move a little more quickly. When everyone else opened their pajamas Ella kept trying to wear them. She was adamantly against wearing her own and I finally just had to hold her down and put them on her. She wore them confidently and happily after that, but it was hilarious how much she just wanted everyone else's PJ's.

I didn't get my traditional pic of the kids in their PJ's but I did get one that I like better and think is the cutest pic ever of their Daddy getting to have fun with them. He then carried them off to bed and so they could await Santa's arrival and for morning to come.
The mom.

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