Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

A few days after Scott got home we took the opporunity to see some our high school friends from YoungLife and we went caroling with them in my mom's neighborhood. The kids didn't know what caroling was or what to expect so it was cool to see how much fun they had. Harbin became the doorbell ringer and loved running up to ring the bell and see if someone answered. The girls mostly stayed by the stroller but enjoyed singing along to the carols they knew (which surprisingly enough was more than the high schoolers).

It wasn't a long lived event for us- the weather was chilly and the neighborhood was hilly. Scott still hadn't quite adjusted to the time change, so he and the kids became tired, so we opted to be done and head home. It was fun while it lasted and maybe we'll make it an annual event.

We finally got the tree up- well, the tree has been up but we put the ornaments on now that Daddy was home to help with the tall parts and putting on the star.

The mom.

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