Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (underneath our tree)

Christmas morning is always fun, but this year seemed extra special and exciting. Not only did we have Daddy home with us, but all the kids were mostly healthy and at a great age for enjoying the surprises. They also had a wonderful time making and picking out presents for each other and that was one of the best things about the morning.

When we put the kids in bed we told them to come and wake us up first. Well, Harbin came in at about 3:00am and said he was awake (most Christmas’ we aren’t even asleep by then). We told him to go back to bed until 6am, and at precisely 6:01 he walked in our room. We are pretty sure he stayed up and looked at his watch until 6:00!!!

Santa had come and left their presents and filled their stockings and they were quite excited. Harbin got a Lego set that is the Space Shuttle Command center along with an ice cube tray to make Lego Mini-figure ice cubes. Catherine got a new bike that even has a seat for her baby dolls on the back. Ella liked pushing Catherine down the hall on her bike. Catherine also got the Barbie iPod she’s REALLY wanted- it’s not real and only plays a few prerecorded songs, but she was more than impressed (and still is). Lydia got a Princess Couch that turns into a sleeping mat. She liked getting to sit on it and open her stocking (and eat her candy). Ella got a vacuum cleaner, which would have been really handy when she spilled her candy all over the floor except, sadly, it’s only a toy vacuum.

The kids were overjoyed to hand out the gifts they had bought or made for one another and for Daddy. They even got to wrap their own stuff this year, so it was easy for them to pick it out from under the tree. Let’s see if I can recall…Harbin gave Catherine homemade lip gloss (which we didn’t actually find until a few days later) and gave Lydia hand sanitizer he bought at AWANA (the girls LOVE hand sanitizer). Catherine gave Lydia a box of pink and purple Legos and gave Harbin a huge puzzle of all the continents. Lydia picked out a cardboard princess house that you can color for Catherine and a soccer ball you can paint for Harbin (can you tell we were shopping at Michael’s?). They all gave Ella a Little People school bus that she loved and that will go nicely with all our other Little People stuff.

Daddy enjoyed giving the kids presents he had brought with him from Kuwait. The girls got some traditional outfits and Harbin got a great magnetic chess set (they've been playing chess over email for the last 6 months- same game). They wore their outfits to church on New Year's Day and they were just too cute!

We had a lot of presents this year. I think we spoiled the kids some, but I think it’s also that we’re become a large family on our own. I remember our first Christmas with Harbin when there were only a few gifts to open at our house before we were done. This year we started the festivities at a little before 7:00am and didn’t end up leaving for Chattanooga until 10:00.

We had a great Christmas morning and we hope all of you did too!! Check out the link to the side for ALL the pics!

The mom.

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