Friday, December 21, 2012

10 years and counting

Scott and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary on December 21st. It's hard to believe the time has gone so quickly. Some days I feel old, some days I feel tired, some days I feel like there's kids all around me and yet I am just not sure what has happened to the time!! Just the other day I was discussing with a friend while going through her wedding pictures. I said I wished ours were digital so that I could have a wedding album that seemed "touchable". She was SHOCKED that our wedding was shot on real film. I remember in that day, digital photography just wasn't accepted practice for a professional photographer. On our actual anniversary I woke up to the kids taking me on a scavenger hunt. I went around the house, outside the house, and even up to the school. Finally, the hunt revealed my anniversary gift in the toolbox in the garage. Scott has totally surprised me and gotten me a diamond anniversary band. Now, I must admit, normally I am not a jewelry-kind-of-girl, but this was the perfect gift for such a special anniversary. And, he managed to keep the whole thing a total surprise which is quite amazing because I am a very difficult person when it comes to surprises (I ask too many questions). I got Scott an antique Hamilton pocket watch from WWII. I thought it would be a kind of romantic gift with some history tied in (which Scott loves). That evening we went out with the kids and some friends to see the Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier (see the next post). It often seems that because our anniversary falls just a few days shy of Christmas, we usually celebrate just the two of us between Christmas and New Years. This year, we'd hoped to do something big, like go to Jamaica, but Scott's return from Kuwait in July was delayed and then in November we spent a large chunk of money selling the Snellville house (yes, I know, usually someone pays you to buy a house, but welcome to today's market). Money and time were not on our side for a big trip this year, so we opted for a shorter, less expensive overnight getaway on the Delta Queen- a retired steamboat docked in Chattanooga on the Tennessee River. We checked in just after Christmas celebrations and left the kiddos with the Tinney's. The weather was super, super, super, COLD and it was a nice warm little cabin on the boat. We spent our day just walking around downtown Chattanooga and spent our evenings at dinner and enjoying the boat. It was a much needed relaxing time with one another. I must admit that I am most definitely married to the most amazing person who is my best friend. We've had our ups and downs throughout 10 years of marriage, but who doesn't? We love each other unconditionally, and I know that my husband is the love of my life who cares for me, provides for our family, and is the most wonderful father to our children. Many people questioned my decision to get married at only 19, but I am glad I followed my heart because I couldn't ask for a better life!!! Happy Anniversary! I love you, Scott Tinney! Mrs. Tinney

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