Saturday, December 22, 2012

Light of the World...

and of Lake Lanier. This year was the first time we have ever been to the famous Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier. Usually it's pretty expensive per carload and we've always had tickets or discounts to other light shows. However, this year, Scott's students were so sweet and before school let out they gave us a coupon for admission as well as money to cover the added cost plus a few "fun" things when we were there. We started the evening with dinner at a very delicious Mediterranean restaurant. We were told they had great music on Friday nights, but the band was on vacation and the belly dancer was filling in. Oh, if you could have seen the faces on my little girls when she walked out. They were in awe of her dancing and the jingling of her belt and all of it. Ella said very loudly, "Mommy her boobies are spark-e-wy. I like her." It was a little embarrassing, but truth be told, she had on a very sparkly top that pretty much only covered her "boobies", so I guess the 2 year olds description was pretty accurate. After dinner we met up with some friends of ours, the Brantley's, and piled into their Suburban for the lights. The kids thought it was "so cool" that they didn't have to be buckled up to drive the 3mph through the light show. The lights are quite amazing and there are miles of them. I definitely think the adults "oooohhed and ahhhed" more than the kids. We finished up the evening by roasting marshmallows by the fire and visiting the little shop (which is really a HUGE shop with TONS of people). It was practically snowing that evening (well, it was snowing if you ask the kids because they do make fake snow as you drive into the lights). Either way, real or not, it was COLD. We tolerated the fire for as long as we could before piling back up and heading to our van. The evening was cold, but fun and the kids had a blast being with their friends!!! Much thanks to Scott's chem students for "making us go" this year! The mom.

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