Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started about 6:30 in our house when Harbin woke up and got the girls. Because of the renovation, our tree was in the dining room, but Santa had no problem finding our stockings and leaving us some goodies. The girls got a HUGE Barbie playhouse, Harbin got Lacrosse gear- a helmet and pads and Ella got a doll cradle. Santa also left behind candy, toothbrushes, and other assorted small gifts. Now, you would think by now, after 4 kids and 8 years, Scott and I would have learned that really, Santa's presents are good enough. I mean, the kids start playing with them and really don't care to open up anything else. But, no, of course we still got them stuff- too much stuff- and suddenly we were covered in wrapping paper and presents and I have no idea where everything was getting buried! Probably the coolest thing was watching the kids give each other their presents. Each year I let them pick out presents for one another. Usually I get a 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon and kind of steer them in the direction of a "crafty", "consumable" gift. But this year, that wasn't enough for Harbin. Instead he and I constructed American Girl beds for the older girls. Catherine has an official American Girl doll and Lydia will likely have one soon. The beds are SO stinkin' expensive and I saw a tutorial online about making them on your own. Harbin and I worked late multiple nights in a row and finished the beds, but unfortunately we never got around to painting them. We decided the girls would like to paint them themselves anyhow. Harbin and I also managed to surprise Scott with a new Lacrosse stick. He'll be head coaching the high school boys this spring and we figured he needed a stick of his own. We bought a relatively generic stick at a sporting goods store, but had the head re-strung in orange and white. And to top it off, I hadn't even noticed that the pattern on the stick itself was a chemical molecule of some kind. I just thought it looked kind of like a small lattice pattern, but when Scott had me look close, sure enough you could see the chemistry (he sees the chemistry in everything!). We had a wonderful Christmas morning and each year it seems so amazing how our family is growing and our tim together is so precious. Our mornings last longer each year and the kids just are a joy to get to watch on such a fun and exciting holiday. Merry Christmas! The mom.

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