Saturday, December 15, 2012

O Tannenbaum

We have been renovating the kitchen and family and currently we have total chaos in our house. We've pulled up all of the old floor, taken out a wall, and gutted most of the kitchen. We are also currently installing a plank ceiling. However, even amidst the renovations we must celebrate Christmas, so despite the mess in the house, we managed to find a spot for the Christmas tree in the dining area. It's not our normal "Christmas tree" spot, but it worked and the kids had just as much fun decorating it there. We even managed to have the TV set up so we could watch White Christmas while we put the ornaments on the tree.
Sadly, it's probably the only decoration we will get up, but I know that we'll be so happy once the renovation is complete and we have a wonderful new kitchen and living area. Enjoy the pics! The mom.

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