Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a little more low key this year than it had been in the past. We spent much of the afternoon working on the renovation and installing the recessed lighting and plank ceiling in the dining area. As you can see, our Christmas tree this year was "movable" and you just never knew where it would end up. We continually moved it around as we needed to get to the ceiling. The good thing is that the ladder was already in there when we put the star on top! Mom and Jonathan were traveling back from Florida, so we did a small celebration at their house with Matthew, Christina, and Kristen. We enjoyed an evening of opening presents, hanging out and getting freaked out by Matthew and the mask Harbin got from Great Aunt Ruth!! It was just so FREAKY! Too realistic, I guess. After heading home, the kids put their Christmas lists in the fireplace to "burn up to Santa" and they opened their Eve present of pajamas. We tucked them into bed and wrapped the remainder of the thousands of presents we had yet to wrap. The mom.

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