Saturday, December 15, 2012

Jolly Old St. Nicholas

Once again, Santa stopped in for a short visit at the farm next to our house. The kids often say that the deer in our backyard throughout the year are really Santa's reindeer. Who knows, maybe their right? Either way, it's always fun to visit Santa and all the activities that he brings along. This year we met up with our friends, Derek and Jamie who brought along their little girl, Zaila (well, and Zayne, but he was still hitching a ride inside of mommy so he didn't really participate). My mom also stopped by to visit with us and enjoy seeing the kids excitement. We first waited to see Santa because, naturally, that was the most important part. The kids were dying to do the crafts and make the reindeer food, but we know from past experience that Santa's time is limited this season and he often has to hurry out to his next stop, so we wanted to be sure we visited with him first. >< The kids are all at a good age for visiting Santa. We don't really have any that are afraid of him and we don't have any skeptics either. In fact, they were all very prepared to let Santa know what they wanted for Christmas and we excited to snuggle up close with him for a picture. I love visiting Santa at the barn because we usually get to spend a little extra time with him and this year, they even let us up for a whole family picture. Santa was kind of funny, though, and he kept waving his hand at the camera, making it look like he's flagging someone down in every stop. I guess if I had four kids on my lap, I'd wave for help too! Anyways, moving on. The kids got to do their crafts and I even let them get their faces painted- AFTER the picture, of course. We then braved the cold weather and rode to the live nativity on the hay ride. Some of Scott's students were posed in the nativity and it was fun to wave to them on our way by. The mom. a href="" imageanchor="1" >

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